How to update your Aadhaar details through Post:

You can Update/Correct the following information in Aadhaar card by sending an
Application through Post

> Name
> Address
> Date of Birth
> Gender
> Mobile Number


1) Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form.

Click here to download Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form (Or) click on following link

2) Instructions document

Click here to download Instructions document.

1) Fill in the complete Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form and sign off.

2) Depending on the field to be updated, attach self attested supporting documents as mentioned below.

a. Name Correction/Update – Requires PoI listed in “Supported Proof of Identity (PoI)
Documents Containing Name and Photo for Name Corrections/Update”

b. Date of Birth Correction – Requires DoB listed in “Supported Proof of Date of Birth (DoB)

c. Address Corrections/Change – Requires PoA listed in “Supported Proof of Address (PoA)
Documents Containing Name and Address”

see the Instructions document for List of Valid Documents for Data Update.

3) Review the data entered for correctness and completeness in English as well as local language.

Note: UIDAI will not make any corrections to the information in your request.

4) Mention your Aadhaar Number on all document copies.

5) Send the Form along with the supporting documents to the address mentioned in the Instructions document.

6) Mark the envelope as “Aadhaar Update/Correction” on top.

7) You will receive an intimation of update request receipt.

Enjoy 🙂

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