Facebook doesn’t allow users to send friend requests to strangers. If you try to add strangers it will say your friend request is blocked for 1 day or 2 or even 30 days. When you are blocked you can’t send friend requests to anyone whether you know that person or you don’t. This is because Facebook considers it as a spam, so it will block you temporarily. This is done to secure the privacy of the people by not letting the strangers to violate the rules.

But the problem is even when you send friend request to known people, sometimes there is a chance of getting blocked. Here is the trick which lets you to send the friend request even when you are blocked.

Facebook TricksUsing this trick you can send any number of friend requests when you are blocked.


Email address of that person.

How to find the Email address???

The Email address is mandatory to apply this trick. You can get the email address by visiting their profile or you can ask them (if you know that person).


Try this, I am not sure whether this works in all situations or not.

Visit the profile of the person, it looks like


In the above link copy the user ID and form the email as shown below


Once you got the email address you have to add that email to your email as contact.

Send Friend request when you are blocked

Now goto your timeline.

Click on friends.

How to send friend request when you are blockedClick on Find friends, a new tab will be opened.

1In bottom-right you will find “Add Personal Contacts”.

2Choose the email provider,(enter your email and password if required) and click on find friends.

You will be redirected to a new page. There you will find Click here in the first step, Click on that to access your email contacts. (here I am using gmail, yours could be different).

3Then Click More and then Export.

4Then it will ask you to download all your contacts as a CSV file.

Click Export. Then a CSV file will be downloaded.

5This CSV file contains all your contact email IDs. You can edit the file and remove the email IDs which you don’t want. Also you can add more Email IDs into this CSV file if you want to send the request.

Then save this file.

Now upload this CSV file into your Facebook.

6After uploading you will get a list of people available in Facebook from your contacts.

7Select the people whom you want to add then click Add friends.

Now your friend request is sent even though you are blocked.

That’s it.

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