Google Chrome is an open source web browser introduced by Google and it is one of the best web browser. More than 50% of internet users are using Google chrome web browser to visit different websites. Google Chrome is a fastest browser when compared to other web browsers, but the problem arises when you operate multiple tabs in Google Chrome. It uses more RAM. If Chrome is not running well on your pc , RAM might be one of the reasons for it. don’t worry this article will help to Reduce Google Chrome Memory Usage on your computer.

Is Google Chrome using most of your RAM?Try this Extension.

Many of us have the habit to open many tabs in the browser. This leads to mess. Also opening lot many tabs will consume memory. Here comes the solution for both the problems.


Reducing Google Chrome using One Tab

One tab is a great extension available in chrome web store for free. According to OneTab it can save up to 95% of Google Chrome memory.

How to reduce chrome memory usageTo install the extension visit the chrome web store or simply click here.

Click +free to add the extension into your browser.

How to reduce chrome memory usageAfter installing OneTab you will find a funnel icon in the toolbar.

How to Reduce Google Chrome Memory UsageClick on that icon to create a group for all your opened tabs.

At any point of time you can restore a single tab or all tabs at once.

How to Reduce Google Chrome Memory UsageWith One Tab you can create a group of tabs, name that group and share them as a URL.

That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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