How to Upload Videos to YouTube :

YouTube is world’s largest video sharing website. In YouTube any one can upload, view and share the videos.

You can share YouTube videos with your friends, family and strangers

This article will help you to upload your videos into YouTube


Need a YouTube account

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Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account (Go to YouTube Click on Sign in button and Provide your account user name and password and click Sign in button)



Provide your account user name and password and click Sign in button.

Adsense1Step 2: Click the Upload button on the top of home page

Youtube1Step 3: click the Select files to upload button to browse and upload videos from your computer.

You can also record a video from webcam.

You can create a photo side show.

You can create a video using Video Editor

Youtube2Step 4: The videos will started uploading, while uploading if you want you can change Title, Description, tags and privacy settings

Adsense5Once your video is uploaded successfully, click on video manager to check your uploads.

Adsense6You can check your list of uploaded videos under video manager

Youtube3Enjoy 🙂

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