How to Remove Folder Shortcut Virus from Pen drive/ External Hard Disk:

Now a days computer users are using Pen drives to transfer the data documents, movies, music etc from one system to another system, but the problem with pen drives is virus

If you connect your pen drive/ External Hard Disk to your system all the folders in the pen drive /External Hard Disk itself converted into shortcut folders as shown below

Sctvirus6This is one of the common problem facing with pen drivers / External Hard Disk

This tutorial will help you to remove folder shortcut virus from pen drive / External Hard disk

Step 1: Connect your pen drive/external hard disk to your PC

Step 2: Find your pen drive/external hard disk drive Letter.

Sctvirus2Here my Pen drive Letter is G:

Step 3: Go to start, search for cmd.

SctvirusStep 4: Right click on cmd ->Run cmd as administrator

Sctvirus1Step 5: In cmd type your driver path as shown below

Sctvirus3Press enter

Sctvirus4Step 6: Type attrib -s -h /s /d *.* command in cmd as shown below

Sctvirus5Press enter, wait for some time this command will remove shortcut virus from your pen drive/external hard disk

Remove your pen drive/external hard disk from your PC and re-connect and check your folders there will be no virus in your drive

Sctvirus7Note: in some computers this process is not working, if it is not working read below articles

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Enjoy 🙂

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