How to Hide Files in Images:

Hi friends today I will tell you how to hide files inside image. This trick will help you to hide important files or documents from others.

Hide your files

You can hide any type of files inside an images file (text,mp3,exe,avi etc.,).


You need a file compression software ( use either Winzip or WinRAR).

A picture to hide your files.

Step to hide files inside

Step 1: Create a folder in your computer (Remember the path where you are creating the folder)

I created a folder in the desktop gave with the name Hide Files.

>>>Click Here to Know How to create a New Folder using Notepad

Put all your files, and the picture in which you want to hide your files in that folder.

Hide1Step 2: Make a .zip file or .rar file.

Select the files that you want to hide, right click and select Add to archive.

In this example I am hiding File1,File2,File3 inside How2doit image, select File1,File2,File3 right click and select Add to archive.

Hide2Step 3: Give the archive name and click on OK.

Hide3Then one compressed file will be created as shown below.

Hide4Step 4: Open command prompt (Go to start->type CMD (or) Open run type CMD and press enter).

Hide5Step  5: open the root directory (the folder into which you saved your files).

Click here to know How to Change Directory in Command Prompt.

Using CD command change your directory to Hide Files folder .

Hide6Step 5: Type copy /b how2doit.jpg + myfiles.rar final.jpg and press enter.

Note: Replace how2doit.jpg with your image name that you want to hide your files.

Replace myfiles.rar with your file name you want to hide.

Replace Final.jpg with any name this will be your output image.

Hide7Press enter.

Hide8Step 8: once if press enter button in the above step automatically a image will be created with the name Final.jpg as shown below, this is the image where your files will be hidden.

Hide9If you try to open this newly created image it will open as a normal image. Now you can delete the normal files, don’t worry your files are present in the image. If you want to see the hidden files follow these steps.

Step 1: Open WinRAR.(Go to Start->All programs->WinRAR).

Hide10Step 2: Drag and drop your image in WinRAR.


Step 3: Click on Extract to button to extract your files.

HStep 4: Provide the destination path to extract your files and click on OK.

Hide12That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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