How to Find Out Your Computer IP Address:

IP address is a number assigned to system when it is connected to Internet. When the system connected to network router it maintains two addresses, One is private address another one is public address

Private address is used to communicate with all the devices in a network

Public address is used when your system is connect to different external network like Internet or any other local network

Below steps will help you to find your computer Internet/External IP address

There are many ways to find out your computer external IP address

Way 1: Open your web browser and go to

Type My IP and press enter

Then you will get your public IP address

IP1Way 2: By using below websites you can trace your public IP address

If you want to trace your computer Local/private IP address follow below process

By using IPCONFIG command you can trace your private IP address

Open command prompt, Type IPCONFIG as shown below

IP2Press enter, this command will display your private IP address

IP3If your computer is connected to external network via Ethernet, then your computer IP address will be shown under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection.

If your computer is connected to external network via Wi-Fi, then your computer IP address will shown under wireless LAN adapter wireless network Connection

In Linux your computer IP address will shown after “eth0.”

In old versions of windows use winipcfg command instead IPCONFIG to find out your private IP address

Enjoy 🙂

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