How to Blog – How To Delete a blog on blogger:

Sometimes we need to delete our blog because of some reasons, once if you delete your blog that blog is not available and it will be deleted permanently from you blogger dashboard list

Follow the below steps to delete the blog on blogger

Step 1: Login to your blogger (

rhchatStep 2: your blogger dashboard will open, where you can see the list of blogs that you created

deleteblog1Step 3: Go To the settings of the blog that you want to delete

deleteblog2Step 4: Click on other under blog settings

deleteblog3Step 5: At the top of the page under “Blog tools” we have 3 options like Import blog, export blog and Delete blog.

deleteblog4Step 6: Click on Delete blog

deleteblog5Step 7: Click on Delete this blog

deleteblog6Note: We can restore the deleted blog within 90 days, after the blog is deleted

Enjoy 🙂

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