How to create a Group in Facebook:

Facebook group is a place for a group of people to communicate, to share their common interests and their opinions. A Group allows the business users to promote their business activities and it allow people to share issues or activity to organize, to share photos and related content.

This tutorial helps you to create your own group in Facebook

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account.

cPageStep 2: In the home page you will find Groups section on the left side.


Step 3: Click on Create Group.

GRP2Step 4: A window will appear where you should enter Group Name.

GRP3Step 5: Then select members to add in the group by typing their names in the Members box.

GRP4Step 6: Select the privacy setting for your group i.e open, closed or secret based on your requirement.

GRP5Open Group: Anyone on Facebook will be allowed to join in the group and see the post

Closed Group:  Anyone on Facebook can see the group but only invited people allowed to see the post and join

Secret Group: Only invited members see the group and what members post

Step 7:  Click on Create

GRP6Step 8: Choose an icon for your group if you want to otherwise skip this step.

GRP7That’s it you successfully created a group.

Image source Facebook

Enjoy 🙂

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