How to Create a Gmail Account:

Gmail is one of Google free product which is used to send and receive the e-mail messages worldwide.

This tutorial helps you to create your own Gmail account.

Step 1: Go to

GmailStep 2: Click CREATE AN ACCOUNT“  (shown in the below picture).

Gmail1Step 3: Fill the required information like your First and last name, choose your Username which will be your email address of your choice and a secure password. You are requested to provide your contact number while creating, so that Google uses your number for resetting your password in situations like when you forgot your password or when someone hacks your Gmail account.

Gmail12Provide your current email address of any webmail, if you don’t have you can leave it blank. Enter the CAPTCHA code.

Gmail13Check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy boxes and click Next step.

Gmail14Step 4: Verify your Account by choosing either a Text Message (SMS) or Voice Call to send verification code from Google and click Continue.

Gmail15Step 5: Type the Verification code and click Continue

Gmail16Step 6: Finally you are ready to go! Click Continue to Gmail to start your Gmail services

Gmail17Step 7: You can put your profile picture of your choice by just clicking the below showed circled button



Gmail19Enjoy the Google webmail services

Gmail10Enjoy 🙂

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