How to Create a Folder using Notepad:

Hi friends today I will tell you how to create a new folder in your computer using notepad.

To create a folder using Notepad

Step 1: Open your notepad (Go to start -> all programs -> accessories -> notepad or click windows key+r run window will open type notepad and hit enter).

Step 2: Copy below code and past it in your notepad.

@each off

md foldername

NewfolderStep 3: Click save (Ctrl+S) and provide the file name with .bat (Batch File) extension.

Here I am saving my file as Newfolder.bat (Provide any name with .bat extension).

Newfolder1Once if you click on save button then a batch file will be created in your system as shown below.

Newfolder2If you double click on that batch file it will create a new folder in your system with name foldername as shown below.

Newfolder4Note: to change the folder name replace fodername with your desired folder name in the above code.

Newfolder3If you want to create multiple folders at a time add your folder names in above source code and separated each folder with a space.




That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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