How to Find the no of Directors of the Company :

Step 1: Go to MCA website, click here to visit MCA website (or) click the following link

CdirectorStep 2: Enter the Company name and CIN of the company.

Note: CIN is mandatory, if you have CIN enter and click on submit button, if you don’t have the CIN of the company enter the company name and click on Search button to find out CIN of your company.

Cdirector1Once if you click on search button then List of companies would appear, select your company and click on Select button.

Company name and CIN would be displayed as shown below.

Cdirector2Click on Submit button

Once if you click on submit button then you will get


Full Name

Present residential address


Date of Appointment

Whether DSC Registered

Expiry Date of DSC of the company



That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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