How Create a Google Wallet Account: 

Google wallet is online payment processing service provided by Google, in Google wallet we can securely store your transaction history, Payment information and more. We can use Google wallet to shop in online stores, by using Google wallet we can send and receive money like PayPal. This tutorial will help you to setup your own Google wallet account

Step 1: Go to

GlgwltStep 2: Click on Get Started to create new Google wallet account

Glgwlt1Step 3: If you have Google account, enter your Google account username and password, otherwise click here to know how to create a new Google account

Glgwlt2Step 4: Fill your contact information, select your payment method and enter your payment information (enter your credit/debit card details) and click on Accept and Create



Glgwlt4Step 5: then you will get below screen

Glgwlt5Your Google wallet account is created now you can send payments to your friends, family and other using Google wallet

Enjoy 🙂

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