A social networking service is a platform to build social relations among people who share interests, activities. There a many social networking sites in the Web Market but only few are shaking the market. Twitter is one among those few.

Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Here we are providing the process of creating your own Twitter account.

Step 1: Go to Twitter.

How To Create Twitter AccountStep 2: you will notice a “Sign up for Twitter” option;above that fill your details like Full name and Email with a secure password of your choice and hit Sign Up button.

How To Create Twitter Account1Step 3: Choose your Username and if your chosen username is unavailable it will suggest you the available usernames, you can pick any one in those and hit “Create my Account” button.

How To Create Twitter Account2Step 4: : Here you will be redirected to the welcome page , just click “Next” button to proceed further.

How To Create Twitter Account3Step 5: Here in the following page you must Follow at least 5 popular figures as shown in the below picture, unless and until you follow those the page would not be redirected to next page.

How To Create Twitter Account4Step 6: After hitting follow button click Next as shown below.

How To Create Twitter Account5Step 7: The same will be repeated here, again you have follow at least 5 popular twitter pages and then hit Next.

How To Create Twitter Account6Step 8: You can set your profile picture by clicking “Upload image” button as shown in the below picture or you can skip if you don’t like to.

How To Create Twitter Account7Step 9: You will get a confirmation Email. If you don’t get email you can Resend it by hitting the below button.

How To Create Twitter Account8Step 10: An Email would have been sent to your Gmail(check it in your Social tab).

How To Create Twitter Account9Step 11: Hit the “Confirm your account now”.

How To Create Twitter Account10Step 12: It will show if you Twitter account has been confirmed and you may get full access  on that. Enjoy the services of the Twitter.

How To Create Twitter Account11Step 13: For sign-out option you have to click the setting dropdown  menu as shown below.

How To Create Twitter Account12That’s it.

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