How to Change Username in Gmail:

In Gmail it is not possible to change your username, but there is a way to change the way your name is displayed .

Note: If you would like to change your username without dots(.) you don’t need to change because Google doesn’t consider dots present in your username.


All the above are same. You can use any one of the above to Login.

This tutorial will help you to change your display name on Gmail.

Ex :


How TO 🙂


How2 🙂

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail address.

rhchatStep 2:  Click on cogwheel drop-down menu and select “Settings“.

rhchat2Step 3:  Select the Account Tab.

How to Change Username in GmailStep 4: in Send mail as section we can see your Mail id & Name, click on edit info to change the name.

How to Change Username in GmailStep 5: once if you hit on edit info, you will get a screen as shown below. 

How to Change Username in GmailEdit your display Name and click on Save Changes as show below.

How to Change Username in GmailThat’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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