How to Create Categories in Blogger:

Categories are very important in blogger/website, which helps users to browse related information in easy way.

Blogger don’t have option to create categories, but in blogger we can create the categories manually.

There are many methods to create categories in blogger.

This tutorial will help you to create categories in your blog.

Method 1:

First way is to create categories is using LABELS Widget.

Step 1: Log in to your blogger.

Step 2: Go to Layout ->Click on add gadget.

categinblg1Step 3: Name it as Categories, and select SELECTED LABELS radio button, click on edit, and select required labels from list of labels, click done and click on save button.

categinblg3Categories gadget is added to your website as shown below.

categinblg4Step 4: Click on save arrangement button, click on preview.

once if you click on Preview button then your blog preview as shown below.

categinblg5This is the one of the method to add categories to your blog.

Method 2:

Second way is to create categories is using Link List Widget.

Step 1: Log in to your blogger.

Step 2: Go to Layout ->Click on add gadget.

Step 3: Select Link List widget.

categinblgm2Step 4: Name it as Categories, Provide New Site URL as Label URL and New Site Name as your category name.


Click on Add Link Button to add category.

categinblgm2_2In above screenshot how to blog category is added, Like that you can add any number of categories.

categinblgm2_3Click on Save button, and click on Save arrangement Button.

Click on Preview button to see you blog.

Method 3:

3rd way is to write your own HTML code to add categories.

Step 1: Log in to your blogger.

Step 2: Go to Layout ->Click on add gadget.

Step 3: Select HTML/Java Script .

categinblgm3_1Name it as Categories, and write Bellow HTML code.


<li><a href=”/search/label/[Label Name]”>{Text]</a>  </li>

<li><a href=”/search/label/[Label Name] “>[Text]</a>  </li>

<li><a href=”/search/label/[Label Name] “>[Text]</a>  </li>



In above source code replace Label Name and Text as your Label Name and text of label.


<li><a href=”/search/label/How To Blog”>How To Blog</a>  </li>

<li><a href=”/search/label/How%20to%20Make”>How To Cook</a>  </li>


Click on Save button, and click on Save arrangement Button.

Click on preview to check whether categories are added or not.

That’s it.

Enjoy 🙂

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