How to Enable Ads on your YouTube videos:

YouTube is world’s largest video sharing website. In YouTube any one can upload, view and share the videos.

You can share YouTube videos with your friends, family and strangers.

Monetization is a process of enabling advertisements on your YouTube videos. If you enable the monetization for your video then YouTube will display ads on your videos and share some ad revenue with you.

This article will help you to enable ads on your YouTube videos.


Monetization enabled YouTube channel

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Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account (Go to YouTube Click on Sign in button and Provide your account user name and password and click Sign in button).

AdsenseProvide your account user name and password and click Sign in button.

Adsense1Step 2: Upload videos

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Step 3: Go to Video Manager and select your video to monetize

Youtube6Step 4: Click on Actions drop down menu and select Monetize option.

Youtube7You will get a pop-up window, click on Monetize button.

Youtube8Step 5: Once if you click on Monetize button then monetization settings for videos will be updated.

Youtube9Refresh your YouTube page and check monetization is enabled or not.

Step 6: Once if you enable the monetization then you will get a dollar symbol ($) as shown below.



Enjoy 🙂

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