How to Blog : How to Add Multiple Authors to Blogger:

Multiple Authors means, basically one person creates the blog and he gives permission to other person to write on his blog. This is also known as TEAM BLOGGING. Blogger provided a facility to add multiple authors to a blog. You can add up to 100 authors or co-authors.

Authors are two types

1. Admin

2 Non-admin

Admin have the permission to edit posts, delete posts, add or remove authors, change blog template, edit template code and also to change blog layout. But Non-admin have only permission to Create post and edit their own post

Below steps helps to add Authors to your blog

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger (

rhchatStep 2: Go to blog setting ->Basics 

Mulaut1Step 3: Click On Add Authors 


Mulaut2Step 4: Enter the Email address of the person that you’re inviting

Mulaut3To add multiple authors at a time, enter mail id’s and separate with a comma

Mulaut4Step 5: Click on Invite button, and they will get an invitation E-mail.

Mulaut5They will get a mail as shown below

Mulaut6Click on that link to accept invitation, and then you will get below screen

Mulaut7Click on Accept Invitation button to access the blog

Once if your team member accepts your invitation, go to blog setting ->basic  then you will get below screen

Mulaut8If you want you can make him as an admin, otherwise keep him as an Author.

Enjoy 🙂

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