How to Add Contact Form Widget to Blogger:

After long wait finally Google introduced a new Contact Form Widget on May 16th 2013, this contact form will fit into your blogger sidebar.

Why should I add Contact Form widget to my blogger?

  • If you add contact form to your blogger, visitors can easily interact with blog owner
  • You no need to reveal your Email address to visitors
  • No need any 3rd party code
  • You can easily integrate Contact Form in blogger

This tutorial helps you to add Contact Form Widget to your Blogger

Step 1: Login to your blogger

rhchatStep 2: Go To the Layout of the blog

cnt3 cntStep 3: Click On add a Gadget

Addwidget3Step 4:  One pop up window will open, Select More Gadgets options

cnt1Step 5: Select Contact Form Widget

cnt2Step 6:  Name it as Contact Form (You can give any name you want) and click on Save Button

cnt3Now the Contact Form is added to your blogger sidebar. Save your blog layout and click on view blog (or) Preview button to see your blog layout

cnt4Contact Form contains 3 Fields

Name: Name of the person who is sending you a message

Email: Valid Email of the person who is sending you a message

Message:  Message that the person want to send you

After entering above 3 fields, if user click the Send button then message will be sent to blog owner inbox directly.


Open your blog fill the Contact Form

cnt5Click on send button, then message will send to blog owner mail

Then Check your mail id

cnt6Open the mail, where you can see the message and sender details


Enjoy 🙂

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